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the reaturn to wimbledon sw19 first visted back in 1982 then in 1987 and soth wibledon in 1984 and 1986 as once again i walked with wimbledon men

February 17, 2014


after all these years I managed to return to the streets of Wimbledon after many reason failed attemps to get there I must admit its not one of the easyist places to get to with all the chopping and changing on the underground system but evenchally I got there on my one woman mission to return didn’t see no wombels thou as the train chugged by Wimbledon park on the green distric line its been the first time I went by train there I used to travel by automobile in the past 2 vists to the place as evenchally found my way out of the station after asking this hunk of manley ness whom was working there .as I got on to the high street pasted the center court shopping center which has all the big boy stores in it as you know Wimbledon is the home of the tennis in july as I took my camera with me pics coming soon .and retraced one steps from al;l that time ago now so Wimbledon has lots of charity shops pubs the plce was as one reameberd busy so whats wimbeldon man like cute with little chubby cheeks that you just want to sqeeze them after a walk around the town I had to return as it takes an age to get there luckly theres a toilets at the station 20p to use the ladies one there owned by south west trains which also serve the station of sw19 then it was time to return as on all my journeys to walk with the men and with only 2 London towns to do I can now reavile my servey of the british male of the 21st centery on my findings as I sat there and observed the different types of white male by first of all looking at there faces thay seem to fall into 4 types the most poplar is the long face 2nd is the chubby face third is the chussle face and finally 4th is the big face .then  I looked at there hooters noses the most poplar was the long nose 2nd the small nose 3rd was the hook nose forth was the big nose and finally 5th was the wide nose ,then I looked at there eyes brown being the most poplar clour followed by hazel then green then pale blue and finally some had red eyes then I looked at there hair colour supprisingly brown was the most opolar followed by grey and white and black hair mostly short stle some had the monks stle with the bit missing out the top middle of there head out of a tube full of the city slickers only one had shoulder lengh hair body size mostly slim then chubby some really fat ones most poplar colours of suits black at 1 at2 grey at 3 blue at4 beige at 5 brown at 6 trackys trainers all had them back packs on there backs then I looked at there shoes boring old winker picker lace up type in black of course only 3 had brown ones on with holes in them and finally I looked at there lips mostly had the traditionall stiff upper lip but to my supprice some had a stiff bottom lip as well mosly there skin was grey pink clour no rosey cheeks here a lot had medium small hands with dirty finger nails there was a few with the big hands and big feet about 10 and 11 but most had small feet about 7 to 9 favort toy was the book you can read they all had themand of course in 2nd place the mobile fone and that ends my servey of the tyipall englis hwhite male

popular height sizes as a guestermate 5ft 7 being most opolar but there was some 6ft ones some had shaven heads I had a quick sniff at some of them none wore after shave perhaps in 21st centery Britain its simpley not britsh to wear it most poplar tie colour is purple followed by black all there suits was plain on all the tube lines ive been on

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