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and watto watto here are some typical city gents dynnargh welclome falite croeso

February 22, 2014

and watto watto here are some typical city gents dynnargh welclome falite croeso

this is London bridge last Thursday at 820am as you can see thay live in there world of gray as you can see the british stiff upper lip is in full stiffness as thay walk down the street with black winkle picker shoes upon there feet or someof the guys wear the sling back sandle type with socks how common and un

der a torie government as well its simpley not british darling you think the guys with slingbacks on would put a bit of nail varnish on there toes like red and then they could have matching assoreys like red tie and hanky and matching fone and bag iin there gray suit pocketthats the main thing ive notest with men there bags never match the shoes if its black shoes darlings its got to be black bag not brown it simpley don’t go you know what im saying and its simpley not british to have not matching assoreys now come on you guys get the city gent look today you can allways know if hes a city gent if you look in his eyes you can see the dollor sign in the left eye and the pound sign in the other I exspect its all that number crunching thay do all day and having a office dragon in the office as well I exspect its oft before work for a watto double choc biccy and old bean instant coffee with sugar if desiserd old thingDSCF2030DSCF2029DSCF2027DSCF1967DSCF1966

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