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the day i met the birmingham lock ness monster in a green mankini starring brummy man oh marko the magnificent from 2013

February 22, 2014

the day i met the birmingham lock ness monster in a green mankini starring brummy man oh marko the magnificent from 2013

for years thay have been a thing of leagends and here say folk law when my aunt used to talk about thses gods like men from Birmingham how big and strong they was with there big strong firm bodys and that thay smelt of wild honey and chocolate and how manley thay was made her as she quoted week at the knees when she encountered one of these god like beeings and that for her an experance she d never for get and would live for her for ever about how he picked her up in his arms so handsome he was with his broad shoulders and that sexy voice as he came into the room she reacalled how his preasants made her feel like a woman again as she looked at him as he stood there with arms like tree trunks and legs the same as she said it made her head spin and herhands sweat with fear as he took her in his arms time and time agin she was power less to fight oft his manley powerfull kisses so in tence that was she said she never been kissed like that before and not since she said in 1972 so any way from time to time the boys come from Birmingham area to vist me but on this particular day marko o stripped off and with just a green mankinin on there was this god of all men now girls he is super fit and hot guy at the best of times and like my aunty said he make you go weak at the knees at the sight of this 6ft6 hunk of loverly nesss any way as I took and admired this supper fit hunk with his broad shoulders and big Birmingham city tattoee there at standrews lane the foot ball club in the city there he was with his broad shoulders and his manley chest as it glissend in the light of 5am wpowerfull hands and big deep voiceas he spoke the walls shook as I looked at his perfect body and as he had to ajust his birmingham monster as all of a sudden it like rose from the depths at a guesstermate it must of been at least 12inches long like a snake like creacher as I tooked at his powerfull shaven head and his manley bearded face and his big strong power full lips firm and like a plumb on a rainey day they glissened in the light so kissable you just wanted to kiss them as I felt the quickness of my breath and my boosoms felt heavey as I looked more at this monster that was there he had there I was eagar to meet and greet this beast and I had a choccy biscuit in my bag to give it as a bead of his manley sweat ran down his chest over one of his manley nipples like succulent strawberry it was and dripped oft the end as he flexed his manley chest as I looked into his big blue eyes I thought take me im yours and as my aunty said all thous years ago I sniffed the air around him and yes they do smell of wild honeyand chocolate then he put on his clothes and thay both leftand the storys of leagend are true I was disappointed id didn’t say hi to the Birmingham lock ness monster oh wel then I reamembered p/t/o/r/s tiddler that way when I put my hand on his leg how it shead a tear all that time ago in the frount of his jeans so that s the right one that looks like a nice that’s brummy in a mankini

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