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peckham rye starring peckham rye man

February 28, 2014

as one can see in the town center lots of shops at peckhamrye

theres lots of different shopsa here now since ones last vist as the old brands died out buts theres still lots to see and buy after you have broused your way through the selections on display before making your mind up

its seems strage no matter where you go as you can see in this pic that hair stles come and go from themen with the long hair or afro or the skinhead or the qiff ir the flat top but one has allways been in style from the 10th centery the monk hair style with the bit missing out the middle must take ages and ages to get the look of that cool dude look mind you for me I prefer a man with the shaven head give me a bit of rough anyday of the week.

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