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as we all know on tuesday its shrove tuesday when traditionally we get our frying pans out andmake pancakes so where does the day come from ?dynnargh welclome falite croeso

March 1, 2014


as we all know its the time of year before lent that we have days years ago when one would finesh up all the left overs before the fasting of lent  when one gave up something for thee time period ,and pacake day was a time for having a holiday and a good fime as far back as the 11th centery pancake day was cellabrated by the employers at the time would give the workers the day off at 11am English winter time to go and sorce the ingreediants to put the fineshing touches to the things thay had left in the store house pantry and in theparaches at 11am the church bells would ring for the cellabration of the said holiday a time for feasting also at the time there was br other celabrations like collap Monday and egg and bacon sunday if one wanted to be gluttoness but these days dided out and the only one remains today is shrove Tuesday ,and in the county of bucckers buckinghamshire and all the shires they be held pancake rases and these was in forse in the 11th centery 1203 to 1445 when the events was scaled down but the making of pancakes still remain after all there quite versatile with the sweet and savory fillings one can put in them and great cheep way of a filling meal ,so how does one make them well its easy pieezy all one needs is 4ozs of plain flour I medium egg half a pint of milk I pinch of salt if desired  and for frying them one oz of lard but if your all modern then use cooking oil ,also you will need I larg e mixing bowl I wooden spoon I measuring jug I never use one I just through it in after all these years I don’t need them you get to know with experance and time then one put the flour and salt in a mixing bowl make a well in the middle then crack egg on side of bowl and drop egg white and yoke in the middle of the wellthen fold and give it a good hard whipping until the mixture is a smoth consituancey then put electric hot plate on to the number 3 or 4 setting or if you have gassy cooker then a medium flame blue not the flicker yellow flame then melt a bit of the lard or oil if desired in the center of the frying pan until hot then add a few drops of the mixture to the oil just ightly move the pan after a few seconds to see it the mixture moves of just look with a fork to see ifs its brownif so lift pan oft the cooker then toss in the air don’t forget keep hold of haNDLE OF THE FRYING PAN AND THEN AS THE PANCAKE RISES BE READY TO CATCH IT OR IF YOU DONT WANT TO DO THAT JUST GET A SPATULAR AND JUST TURN IT OVER IN THE FRYING PAN GIVES A WHOLE NEW MEANING TO FRYING TO NITE WHEN DONE PUT ON PLATE SPRINKEL WITH SUGAR CASTER TYPE IF YOU HAVEN GOT THAT JUST GET A PLASIC BAG PUT 3 TABLESPOONS OF THE GRANULATED SUGAR IN IT THEN TIE IT UP AND GET A ROLLING PIN AND GIVE IT A GOOD PASTING WITH THE PIN JUST THINK OF SOME ONE WHOS A PAIN IN YOU BACK SIDE YOU KNOW A SELIUFISH LIEING PIG OF A MAN THEN PUT THE SUGAR ON THE PANCAKE ADD LEMON JUICE OR TREACLE OF IF DESIRED JAM YOU SHOULS BE ABLE TO MAKE 4 OR 5 PANCAKES IF YOU DO THE THIN ONES SO HAVE A HAPPY SHROVE TUESDAY NOW

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