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the reaturn to alexandra palace in northan london n22just passed wood green dynnargh welclome falite croeso

March 4, 2014

so one set off to return to Alexandra palace via wood green to return to see the old l place after all these years since I last visited back in 1995 as the sun was out as I left Cambridge heath station id thought I wont need an umbreller as the train chugged along the track passed the stations and eventerally arrived at brouse grove as I waited for the 243 bus the dark clouds desended from the heaven above as then as it got by the cinamer by wood green station it was time to get off the bus and wait for the w3 to take me there as the bus turned up and spead along the road and passed Alexandra palace station and up the long hill I got off and there was the old palace as I took a few pics it was raining then there was this big rainbow with all its different colours in the specteram blue yellow orange red and green and purple as I looked down from the hill at wood green it started snowing heavey and then hails stones as big as marbles fell the ground and I was white and it looked like a Christmas card .as I coulnt see the bus any where I had to walk back down thee hill to the rail station it was hailing and snowing heaveyall the traffic had stopped on the roads as I looked at ones self in theshop window it looked like I was the snow lady of Alexandra road compleatley white and my hat the purple fur one has frozen stiff as I waited for the bus hi to the two guys there who said you look nice as one drank his beer eventally the bus tured up and back once again I was in the winter wonderland of wood green as every body was rushing here there and every where as me my self and I was dripping snow along the high street as I went into the shopping center the mall to warm up from my winter wonderland experance hopefully pics coming soon the camera and I have dryed out now

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