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the return to wood green n22 for stpatricks day dynnargh welclome falite croeso

March 18, 2014

DSCF1972DSCF1971the return to wood green n22 for stpatricks day dynnargh welclome falite croeso

as Christopher has returned from his latest cruse on the ocean wave in search of love and avencher on his travels as I listen to his places hes visted like brasil which he gave me a post card last of the big spenders as I told him about what one has been doing over the last 4 monthes and the movie with dan and Charlie and how thay wanted some pics of my skin girl days when one would hang around with the sexy blokes and I could drink them under the table with the Guinness at the time as for me it was a sign of reabellion from 1978 to 1993 but you know what blokes are like they promiss so much and yet as soon as thay come into your life thay go and not even a friend ship exsists and as I told him about Charlie and that id liked him he looked scornfull when I said that he hasent called or texted me for over a month now he said some how my dear he wont and donst give a dam about you the signs aren’t good reamember your history with the blokes so I cant help feel disappointed no change there then but as I said to christoper I wish him well and every happynessallways so lets talk about wood green I was suppriced when lots of people came up to me as I wore my out fit for stpatricks day from that pauls time in scalter street it felt really sad wearing it as lots of people whom still reamember me there came up and asked when st patricks day was as I told them its today still at least my vist wasn’t in vain but even thou I haven’t woren my out fit in 4 years I don’t think I will again blokes there really more trouble than there worth at times so we did some more pics as its seemed strange wearing my old out fits I suppose you can call it the changing faces of boudica but unlike boudica one I could never get the men to be loyal to me and that for the want of the nail the shoe was lost and the want of the shoe the horse was lost and a want for the hores the battle was lostwell I hope you had a great st patricks day for me it was a day of tears of a lost unfree quented love and promises that have long been never forfilled well ive just packed all the decorations away now until the next time as for christoper well hes getting ready for his u.s.a/cruse now I told him don’t forget to wear somethink naughticall ship ahouy ship ahouy

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