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as you know that over my time here that ive taken part in many movies and videio work since 1996

March 20, 2014

as you know that over my time here that ive taken part in many movies and videio work since 1996

its been an interesting time with all these people wanting to either take pics in the street of asking me to do a movie but sadly even thou ive done thework unfortually ive not seen the fineshed item and some of these people take libbertys now don’t get me wrong I don’t mind doing them but thay have to reamember I do them the favor no money changes hands and the sad reality you never here from them ever again and that’s why ive desided after aprill to call viedo work a day mainly cos thay want to film me down the market by pauls p.t.o.r.s shop in slater street and for me even thou its been nearly 5 years that it couces me pain and upset to have to go but the shop let alone talk about it and how I loved the bloke so much and the disssuting way the pig humiliated me the last think I want is to be remined and open and a old wound that’s should remain in the far past even thou when I went there with da and Charlie as I stood by the old white chair shop I could see see him sitting in the window just like it was yeaterday and all the hope I had atr that time and how nice he was in the early days and for the firsttime in my life he was attually interested and wanted to know about me its just a shame that it was to end as it did fooled by a smile as that saying goes and so that’s why its pains me to go back to another time to a pig who just took the peeand went off with the local doxy

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