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the return to the market in chesher street dynnargh welclome falite croeso

March 23, 2014


as I returned to see how arther and his gang are getting on but  for weeks now one or two have been missing like irish jim  who has been ill for quite some time now but denniss  whom informed me that on the 5th of march he sadly died and like so many of the market stall holders of the past have sadly gone from the market now its sad that I never get to say good bye to them ive known jim for quite a few years now and he was a okay chappy he will be sadly missed so heres a poem for jim and all the other market stall holders that have passed away but never forgotten rest in piece to one and all  life is but a rose that over the years grows and grows through rain sometime snow through drought frost and wind your never know what new day has in store as the rose blooms from year to year as the blooms grow more in tence as it grows stronger and stronger in the spring and summer days of its life and then the autum of its lifes and the chill  of winter blows it cold wind as the old bush creeks as soon it begins to start to die as the wind blows the broken branches away as soon thay become dust and fade away and become part of the wind and the rose of white and orange flowers with its shades of green stems are gone but yet again never forgotten as the memery lives on as the heart goes on slain sean cara

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