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this is the limehouse cannel dynnargh welclome falite croeso

March 27, 2014

DSCF2739DSCF2736DSCF2728DSCF2724this is the limehouse cannel dynnargh welclome falite croeso

as one can see the cannel and its locks as I take a strol by the cannel after all this time once this was part of the London docks for years when the dockers used to unload the big barges of there contents from all over the years when I used to live in poplar old George used to tell me storysin 1998 that he in the 1950s and 1960s about that if you wanted work for the day he used to go down to the docks on the day and usally got some he reacond that you could walk from one side of the docks from another it was very hard work but before long the docks declined and went out of use and when I first came to vist poplar in the 1980s the area saw a regenuation from its derilicked state to what it is today the cannels are mainly used now for pleasure boats to use and the rich people brought the flats that have river side views of the docks once upon a time as you go towards Stratford there used to be boat reapaires and boat builders in the area

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