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this is slone square as i return again to centrall london from 1981 to walk again with the centrall london men dynnargh welclome falite croeso

April 4, 2014

DSCF3029DSCF3028DSCF3027DSCF3026DSCF3025DSCF3024DSCF3023DSCF3022DSCF3021DSCF3019DSCF3018DSCF3017DSCF3015DSCF3015this is slone square as i return again to centrall london from 1981 to walk again with the centrall london men dynnargh welclome falite croeso

the first time I walked the streets here was back in 1981 there used to be this leather shop called frisco leathers which some one I used to work with told me about the placeso I thought oh letsgo as he told me about the items thay had to sell as he said ive got to buy somethink called a nitrate it helps me he said in what way I said as I thought as he was as large as a house as he took ages and afes to squeeze him self in it as I told him why don’t you have a bigger car as we set off from Braintree to London I tell you im not a fan of small cars I don’t feel safe in the things as it feels your on the road any way we eventally arrived just outside centrall London as then he said well have to do the rest of the journey by the tube it be a Saturday afternoon as I thought its going to be packed any way it was as I thought busy soon we got there and walked down the busy high street I reamember how the air was thick with pollution and all thous people I was totally over cum with it all we soon found this frisco leathers shop and with its array of thinksid never seen before like these mucky books as theses guys whom was in there thumbing through the pages as I went to this guy with the check shirt on and said what type of shop is this as the rails was allined with these unusall objects and these different bottles with aromers in there as the guy from work was chatting to the sales assistant as I went up and asked for somethink called amil niterate as the assistant gave him the bottle and he gave over 5 green pound notes for it as he said lets go as I noticed all the guys were all dressed the same as I walked by the shelfs of leather jackets and jeans as we left the shop so said why are all thous men in thee all dressed the same?and thumbing though thous mucky books typicall men and why wasn’t they looking at me ?as he exsplained as he said that he bee ahomo sexual and that all the guys were also homosexual so I said what do you mean ? as he exsplained the term being of the same like for like as I said to call your self by that name is a bit of a mouthful as he looked and sniggered as then we continued to look in the shops and then went into the oxford street area from the tube as we went into this pub it was filled with old coffin dodgers as one said haven’t your king fish got your own bars to go in he said to me as I looked at him like he was something id steped in and turned and said don’t worry old timer I would suddjest that you shoulnt over excert that toung eof yours it might trip u up and at your time of life it might be oh just too much of a shock does your home help know that your out from the care home at this time of day or are you all ways this opnocuous or do you have to think about it ?as I said to the bloke I was with lets go so we got back on the tube back to slone square and then returned back to where he parked his car as once again with the huffing and puffing like a traction engine as he squeed him self in it as he opened this suff he brought boy it was stinky and I got an intant head ake I was glad to get back to Braintree I tell you and at the time id never thought id say that as you can see slone square has loads of shops and has water fountains in this busy west end street theres also cafes pubs and theaters too well its time to wave good bye to slone square so next time I talk about the English st geoges day and how its been a night mare as it was back in 1986 to get any thing to decorate the house again for the first tie I look in the old dusty box and find the decorations from 1986 so until then then see you in 1986 and the st georges decorations

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