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and now its time to look once again at the celabrations and occations of 1986 and its number 6 of 8 and the trials of stgeoges day which is on april 23rd

April 5, 2014


back in 1986 I was all ways trying to decorate the flat for different partys and in that year it was Halloween 31st october Christmas December 25thstvallentines day 14th febraury st davids day march 1st  st patricks day march 17th st georges day april 23rd and the final occation Cornish day may 12th ,but well look at the last in the seris next time,but the one out of them all to try and get the things to do it was and is st georges  day so why is it so hard to get the things ie this is supposed to be englands saint well it used to be the old saxion king Edward the confesser but it was thought that st George was more romantic one I must admit I think robin hood or dick turpin or  kingarther  would make good saints but still lets get back to the question it seems like in 1986 that to try and find the things like a knight would prove to be near impossible then as now and the English flag is only available at times of the football or queens jubilee ect as I get ready to do pics for the blog of stgeorges day to try and say this is your day England be proud of it and cellabrate it .so off I went once again to 4 towns as well as looking on internet sites to try and find a knight well its seems on line they are only available in ammerica Germany and Sweden austrailia as for England not on your nelly as for the shops well when I asked in our village of bethnall bangla green the shop keepers looked in horror one said that’s bmp thing .rubbish I said the knights of England road around fighting for the courses that they belived in like Richard the lion heart whom went to go on the crusaids and king arther whom had the knights of the round table approx. in the 11th centery all I got was no then in wood green same thing and one shop said thay are only out at Christmas time and in Waltham stoe there was some toys on the charity shop shelf of star wars so I said any knights what them was the replie I got so why is this ? it seems that the storys of sriffley and galentry have gone and why are the English not imbrassing there national day so any way my dragons waiting to pose with the knight once again for another year on his own as even thou the outfits are available I cant find the man to wear one well its no more than I exspect I suppose in bethnall green impossible so with a few wekks lft lets go further afield to see what can be gleed it seems that its only in the south of England that the day is still celebrated like morriss men I was told that thay worked for british Leyland in Coventry by farmer paul in the 1960s but that used to appear that they dance around the may pole thay had some on the green in islington county 5 years ago now .but it seems the English in London don’t like being English after all and to think all these years have passed since 1986 and still no knights to be brought from the shops now come on England and get your act together and you have a st georges day once a year now cellabrate it coming soon the pics of the stgeorges decorations

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