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this is holborn station in centrall london last visted in 2002 dynnargh welclome falite croeso

April 6, 2014

this is holborn station in centrall london last visted in 2002 dynnargh welclome falite croeso

it been many of a year since I last walked the street here and it was the time I met this city chap whom said he knew of a job going in his office so you know how it is when your unemployed that any offers of any jobs is worth investigating and I thought at the time what have I too lose as id seen the guy in the local high street in bethnall green and down the market on a sunday so he said I’ll bring the aplacation form for you to fill in and then I can put a good word in for you any way I went and the guy terned up out side the station at 2pm in his suit but it was a conn theres was no job so I told him what he could do with him self and I promp ley left furious with the little pee taker and strangely I never saw him in bethnall green ever again but on the time on the dole over the years that I was I had a lot of people promising the earth from tv talent shows thay would take my details and waste my time and like when I was asked to do the book 22 years ago now thay said it would be a bset seller and like one of the people on arthers stall said oh my pubilist is interested in the book let me know when you have done it and can I have some of the storys after waisting my time on a cold winters day about 2 years ago now and after saying oh yes the little shit was just taking the pee and at the time with not earing 1penny and no benefit I thought it was a sick joke too do that to some one and even thou I get told from time to time seen you on tv I have to be realistic if it would of happened then it would by now and im not going to get a major part on tv or in a soap opera so its doing what one does best just doing my pics .

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