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so now its time to look at some the places in the past that ive lived in dynnargh welcolme falite croeso

April 10, 2014

DSCF3138DSCF3077DSCF3078so now its time to look at some the places in the past that ive lived in dynnargh welcolme falite croeso

as you know I was put in many places in my child hood from Bristol to gloustershire to oxford shire to Essex so this is some of the county flags of the areas so lets talk about the first one which is oxford shire when I used to stay with my aunty and uncle and look after them pigs paul and keith and farmer paul whom lived oppisit this is the county flag blue and red bull on it with yellow and white lines through it oxford its self id lived there too as well as carterton lyneham shipton witney the county town has the famous boat race winners as thay come to London for the row up the thames the river its self runs at one of its furtherest points to abbingdon the famous eversham and the little modle village at borton on the water then of course theres burford there be a firm there once called watch dials the romans settled there and the town which is built on a steep hill has lots of inferlinces from the Saxons wheres theres an old hospital built in that time and today a olden manor house sits on the site with its kitchen old fashioned gardens then of course is Cowley where the town near oxford made in the 1950s the morriss minor car and apparenty the morriss men that worked there used to wear bells on there fingers and toes and as I was told at 5pm dance around the cars like a ritall to mark the end of the days work giggeling there bells as thay danced around the production lines then of course theresbe the prescold factory which made the ironic prescold fridge s oxford shire with it country walks and chocolate box villages and also the other morriss men that danced around may poles with there mulit y colouerd ribbons with bells on there legs as thay danced to the music then theres the great poet called pam airs with her great poems if you see one of her books buy a copy and bistera great town and Cheltenham where the famous spars are and in the 17th and 18th centerys the town hosted many of these drinking places where one could buy the waters to consume to make you healthy and bring long life then the next flag is the yellow one the flag of gloustershire the next county as after that its wales glouster shire flag as one can see is 3 horse shoes 2 sheep and yellow and red with a spash of green the county hosts the white park cow and bull a olden breed which nearly died out with there big long hornes and the gluoster old spot pig it be said that they got there disstintive black markings cos when thay used to hit the apple and acorn oak trees eating the fruit they be knocking against them trees and the stuff would fall off and hit them theres the famous double glouster cheese which was sold by the famers which they never eat there self it has a nice taste but I perferd the single glouster cheese unfortually our shops wont stock it here also its the home of the famous writer and poet larie lee now he wrote the book about his time in the 1930s called cider with rosey its a great read he also did paintings as well and the slay valley has lots of interseing wals as well as the famous country side which like takes you back to another time as you walk along in gloustershire also the big towns cirencester glouster and princess ann lives there at gatcombe house where she cares for the abbandend horses on her estates and fanally the saxon flag from the 8th centry Edward the connfessers time the last saxon king of England but with its white dragon on it is the sign of the druids which long before Julie and her roman gang came over and in vades ruled the west part of england then the final pic is of easter 1986 the celing part of the decorations sadley the ones with the orriginall easter white trees are lost in time

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