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the profile on the questions on the gentall author and whythou wants to reamain annonimus

April 13, 2014


over the years I have been asked whom the gentall author is as one person said that the country wants to know well no body knows whom they are but all I can say through the storys on there blog that they have brought a great deal of happy ness to there readers and there have been times when the gentall author has been really under the wheather but thay have made the effort to get the storys about eastern life so every one can read about the people that lived there in the past and in deed the preasant times spittle fields life is the second most poplar blog in the world with millions of readers each day as there readers are capivated by the time and effort that this person puts in to them so you have to wonder how this super person attives great hights of passion in there works I suppose there a bit like shorlock holmes or even the black fingernail a master of disscuise no body knows whom thay are but one think I can say is that thay are a very intelligent person with breeding and thay have a commitment and careing attutued to wards people and that’s all I can say about them and you have to admore there work which will be here for many years to come and generations will read this lituary genuses work so please don’t ask me whom thay be cos I don’t know like you all I know of them as the gentall author and that all that matters isn’t it ?coming up next week on spittle fields life I team up with the gentall author to bring you easter 1986 also st georges day decs from 1986 on my blog on aprill 23rd and the final one in the seris at the end of may bank hoiliday the final one of the seris of decorations cornwall so next time I return to bank and soon the meeting with miss libby when at last I meet her brother big billy I cant wait to take him in hand as you know miss libby has been the gentall authors right hand woman but theres more to miss libby shes a icon of the gay men and she has one of the biggest following s she also has sood beside very powerfull people she is also a rock star chick and groupy lets hope she takes to the stage again in her black leather eat your heart out suszie qutro miss libby and her rock star friends will get on the stage soon again shes the uptown Clapton e5 girl that ressles like a lioness big bad boys to the ground down down leader down down they go as miss libby shows them whos the warrior queen of the upper Clapton sean

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