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its now an ending to a cycle as my movie days finally draw to a close from 2006 to 2014 as i look back at the times and the people i once knew from them times falite croeso dynnargh

April 14, 2014


well I fineshed my last film yesterday with Belinda and it took over 11 and a half hours to do this as you know I reavisted pauls old shop and did the market the return to the market twice on the course of the filming and it was harder the second time than when I did it with Charlie and dan a few weeks before as I stood there reamembering the times I don’t know how I got through it as I spoke im not going to cry it woulnt be professionall now would it as mother once said crying is a sign of week ness but I carried on reagardless as thay say but there was a lot of retakes espieally when hectors house he was from k barsolona  hit a bloke on the head with his sound boom boy that must of hurt or when he coulnt undo his nuts on his sound equipment at times I thought it would make a good carry on film carry on its sclater street again then there was before Charlie and dan thay knew what they was doing really professionall guys and when you work with these guys you can help but wonder if any form of continuing friend ship would devlope he was hunky I tell you ,then or course ive done a pop video that be 5 years ago now but one allways put there heart and soul into theses projects then there was the first one for a chap who did a film about a little girls furnerall back in 2006 from the 1960s it was set here and various locations in tower hamlets and of course my time with doing the first the outfits for the gentall author and the seis of the decorations from 1986 and with the Cornish one left to do and the good bye to the blog it will be soon for me to take my final curtsey and then that will signall the end of me being a movie star as that ong goes movie star but didn’t get far ,

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