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i often get asked why the reasons i wrote the blog in the first place ?dynnargh welclome falite croeso

April 17, 2014


well it will be 2 years since I started writing the blog I was ask to put down 21 years ago now my experances of my life in Braintree and what had gone before so that others woulnt make the same mistakes that I did and in braintrees case life in 1990s England in a small narrow minded town and how I coped about health employment issues and how I was treated in general as you may of read or still to read my life in Braintree was a living hell ,the locals hated me and that’s an understatement as they saw me as a foreniner as in the skinhead girl days an excentric was the word often bounded about my the locals school days was hell and I allways thought I could of had a much better education but I was put in the lowest steam where I learnt nothing its only that by being a quick learner that life skills had to be learned quickly to survive and be street wize and that’s why I rebelled against the system by showing the locals mess with me and get a kick up the back side and at first the working class skin s that I knew at the time knew I could give them a good ear bashing the 2 of them as we used to go into the wagon and horses pub they was working class guys whom wore the skin head gear and even though to the right of politics that they was just carred on with there lifes in the town the disscussions we had in the old house oppisit was about there point of view and I gave mine and even thou there was sometimes a difference of opinion as it was said if life was so bad where you come from why want to reacrate it somewhere else surly you want to forget and become to respect the place you live now as I said at the time I just don’t know they was all for England its customs its past and its traditions and rightly so the first skinhead I ever came into contact with was eddy from collage for me he was wat I wanted and one day we had a rough at the station he was making me jealous by chatting up jannet the gannet so he hit me and I slapped him around the face hard as I told him look buster your playing with fire and after that day we were like glue and at the time I felt wanted but it didn’t last the collage corse came to an end and he left even though hed said he would keep in touch like mark goodman 2 years earlier as I reamember then like I do now with the blokes in my reason past that did the same you get this feeling of loss and for me I don’t understand why they go after you get used to them being around so any way it was like with the other 2 skins head men you see them in the pub and even though nothing happened but nearly did with bazz as he said lets do it after he had sniffed something but I said no I will wait I often think id shouldn’t of said that cos waiting has done me no good on hind sight if only but only after a few monthes he went away and never saw him againbut the worst was yet to come after many years had passed and one disaster after another it was 1993 there was allways trouble in Braintree and it felt it was me against them and it was me losing but the worst was yet to come with bi sexual edd and his skinhead mate mark who as u know I helped after there friend tony whom lived oppisit said there was destitute if you ever get a coy of the Braintree and witham times from july it gives a full account of the events of what happened and how the little rat terrirised me with his gang and that I had no allieys to stand the course at that time ted and the ones I knew at that time had the sence to leave braintrees and the gay skinheads who hate trannys who were to the left of politics wouldn’t come to help as I reamember from the saint georges day back in 1986 when the right rowed with the left and that’s why I started in 1993 to come back to vist London mosley in the south just to escape what was happening back in Braintree the storys here in a rearly part of the blog as for the gays in the town in general some of them was terrired it was said that one was beheaded in sandpit lane as for the gay group it had blown its self apart by one scandle after another with men being black mailed and one was in all the local papers in the layte 1979 and my opinion of gay men was at rock bottom as it was said we don’t like you t fish and the blokes I knew was mostly hetrosexual but thay had all done the dirty and had gone years befor e and the other gays went and got married and moved away so I didn’t have them to talk to the blog was about like trying to get justice and like kick ptor and the others up the back side and make them put things right and the others but that cant there all dea d also it was about bring them back to life so thay could tell there storys and that thay would live on though the pages of the blog like the ghosts of Braintree the headless horseman apparently is still talked about even today in the plagrounds so I was told by a guy who went to school there in the 1990s and still lives in the town of witham ive allways thought that Braintree distric council should do more to promote its ghosts in the town theres a wep site  that mensions them for Essex and ghost hunters have apparently found them and other people have seen them too long after I did so it goes to prove that thay still live and breath the streets of Braintree in the 21st centery so that why I wrote the blog but sadly thay the blokes never put things write and I feel let down but there you go

and not only that them skinhead guys with the bovver boots and there sexy tight jeans looked really sexy with there shaven heads as I use to lookat them and thought I could just do with a bit of rough a reall man as well as the beared ones but I like the close cropped beared

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