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so lets look at easter traditions as its maundy thursday dynnargh welclome falite croeso

April 17, 2014


yeaterday was ash Wednesday as the run down to easter begins but today is accoiated with the queen handing out a small perce of muandy money to the desierving people its a tradition that’s been done for a long time like most east tradition like you never mix white and red flowers together as its considerd to be the blood and flesh of Christ and even thou tis not heard heard of today there are easter carols easter is a time of life and death the reaserection of Christ and as you know its cellabrated by the giving of easter eggs and new life on the farms of the country like lambs pigs the 4 legged ones and fluffy yellow chicks as also nature puts on its spring display of yellow and green like in bethnall green thay don’t hand out the reed crosses on parm sunday also its a time of easter hot cross buns coming soon I team up again with the gentall author to bring you easter and the decorations some from 1986 should be on his site on sunday so until the next time then happy Maundy Thursday and don’t forget the fish on good Friday coming up the meeting with miss libby as her big billy comes to town from the u.s.a.

reamember that old hymm there is a green hill far away with out a city wall where poor dear Christ was crucified whom died to save us all after them romans killed him by nailing him to the cross I often wonder wheather god got his reavenge on the romans by burning of the city of rome as it burnt for trying to kill his son

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