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and nows its time to look at the other great films in boudicas film charts number 2 to 3 dynnargh welclome falite

April 18, 2014

at number two it has to be the harry potter films by j.k.rowling as you know about the boy wizard harry potter  there great all of them the goblet of fire the philopers stone and the freash blood price to name a few then at number 3 its the great bet davis and the fim from 1980 called some ones watching me ita about a lady and her two children who gets offerd a job as a house keeper as the children go out in the woods theres a strange preasants in there as the children vist an old lady who lives in the cottage by the old mansion house she tells the story about her lost chil d that dissapeard 2DSCF31385 years earlier in a ritall game on midsummers day in the old church when an equilps happened as the y was dancing in a circl e so they reacrate the events with the 3 surrviors in the village as the equips will happen again as they star to reacreate the events of the time as the sun dissapers the girl is back with the blind fold on in the same spot as like 25 years before its a great film

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