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sasta an chaisl.dedwydd hapas pasq.lowen pask happy easter 2014 and now its time to look at numbers 4 to 7 of the great films in boudicas top 10

April 18, 2014


at number 4 it has to be hocus pokus its about 3 whites on Halloween that come back to return as a vergine boy lights the black candle its a great comedy starring bet middler at number 5 its thous great back to the futer films starring micheal j fox as with christoper loyed from the taxi programmes make a time machine out of a delorian sports car talk about doing it in style withthem going back at first to November 1955 from 1985 then in the second part thay travel into alterative 1985 and in the final part film that go back to the wild west in 1885 they was all great films showing the u.s.a. in them times at number 6 its the carry on films thay made 30in all the last being in 2002 the carry on gang did every think from carry on at your convenance about bogs a toilet factory about the strikes in 1970s Britain ,to carry on henry in tudor times or big dick turpin from the highway men times to carry on campin and carron on sargent costerable nurce teacher and the later don’t loose your head abot the aristocracy in france loosing there heads to carry on emanial I didn’t like that one theam music was the best part of it about time it was reamade im open to offers if thay want any one to play apart then there was carry on cleo about them romans you know Julie and gang,and one of the best carry on screaming at number 7 its has to be prisilla queen of the dessert now I don’t usally like gay comedys but this one was outstanding script and dialouage its about 3 guys whom dress as drag queens and go to austrailer to do the clubs there ,in this van with a big high heel on it in the dessert .at number 8 its bona sara mrs cambelits set in spain and the u;s;a its about a woman whom met 3 soldiers whle thy was stationed there starring sheely winters and telly savalis and the kid she has she didn’t know whom was the daddie so she took money of all the three guys and then a few years later they went back to revist her and her doughter

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