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the meeting of miss libby and her brother billy from the land of the great u.s.a and steffen the king of the bishops gate libary.dynnargh welclome falite croeso

April 18, 2014


at 230pm it was time at last to meet miss libbys brother you know miss libby the warrior queen of upper Clapton e5 who like a lioness resseled with that guy to the ground and steff was waiting out side as you know he and his gang runn the library steff is a boris jonson look a like but has a baby faced cheeky smile but at the same time a very intelligent and suphisicated type of guy.and totally charming and helpful .as miss libby and her brother appeared now billy is a very tall handsome type of guy and I allways ammerican men very smart they wear there clothes with finess and sytile,as we went into the local café for a coffee as we chatted he brought me a bag and a moose badge I like mooses mind you you don’t find them here or elecks and ive never seem a toy of one any way we chatted as one does and talked about our top 10 favorite films when it came to mine it has to be the amazing mr blundon I like ghost films I don’t likewar or violent type films and so lets go back to number one in my top ten the amazing mr bulndon was made in the 1970s starring the great Diana dorrs who played the wife of the care taker whom owned a old mansion house its about one Christmas eve in 18th centery London  when a single lady lived in a old basement flat with 2 children which was poor then at chritamas evethere was a knock on the door and this old chap played by lional geferys came in and offerend them a job to go to clean and lokk after the old house with a cottage near by quite a long way from London but what thay didn’t realize was the old man was a ghost as the story unfolds the 2children are playing in the garden when thay see two other children playing in old fashioned costume then thay dissaperad and a few days went by than appeared again in the same spot then they spoke and said that needed there help as thay souls count rest of what happened earliera centery ago when a big fire started by mr wiggions burnt the house to the ground near enough as the two modern children are giving this potion to drink they are transformed in to the old library a few days earlier the 2 other children wre in this old room the house was owned by a posh couple whos brother haddided and he was leafet the children like a guardian but they was not wanted and the house keeper would beat them so the story goes that they was putt in there room and it was boarded up and mr wiggions was a luch a drinker who got so drunk he put loads of wood in the ball room and set fire to the house the 2children died in the fire and haunted the garden waiting for some one to help them any way the story and the events happened again as the flames licked yp ther star case the old man mr blundon who coulnt help them last time came back and helped the 2 modern kids get them out the burning buiding and it turns out thay are related and the 2 kids from another time had left then the old house in there will as the story ends mr blundon says we three kings my dear in his old coach and in the old grave yard the names are gone

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