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a happy saint georges day for england tommrow aprill 23rd 2014

April 22, 2014


as the computors playing up again I thought id better get the pics for saint georges day on now I tell

as you can see the red flag is the saxon flag as you know Edward the confesser in the 9th centery was the patron saint of England but quite some time ago England adopted the german saint George but the unfortuant thing is that to find the knights are impossible after all I dint esxpect to find a reall one after all this is banghla green and the dissagreements ive had in the local shops as I told them you cant have a dragon with out a knight so I managed to find a pic of a knight and got it blown up to pose with the dragon happy saint georges day for Wednesday its a shame that in England the day is not cellabrated only in the south of the country when there should be jousting and torninments now come on you English guys get your act together reamember your English and you should be proud of your day and cellabrate the knights of old with englands great rich history now come on you guys

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