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as i reatured to the lower end of the sunday market to see how arther and his gang was getting on dynnargh welcolm falite croeso

April 22, 2014


as I returned to see how things were but was not all the same jim whom has been part of the market was still missing as I was about to find out from dennis that he had passed on to the other side after a long ill ness hed been part of the market as long as I can reamember and was allways a happy chappy he came from Ireland and over the years I got to know him well and if he was about in the village of bethnall green wed have a chat so sadly theres some one else I can no longer talk to so rest in piece jim boy and like so many of the older stall holders that I once knew that sadly have gone to a better plce this is for you  life is oh but a rose and overt the years it grows as it putts on its display twice a year the white and orang roses show there display with green stalks through rain some times snow or sunshine or frost you never know what a new day will bring as the wind sings through the bush as the seasons pass from winters chill till springs diss play to summers warth to an autum day as the years pass the rose gets older and as the flowers grow bigger and bigger and before long they are soon gone as natures brath blows cold as the rose dies as it grown old and soon it willers and dies as the remains of the bush gets blown away in the w

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