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happy saint georges day today 23rd of april

April 22, 2014

DSCF0352DSCF3138DSCF3107DSCF3138DSCF3079i reamember when I first started putting up the sant georges decorations back in 1986 as like to day thay was almost impossible to sourse so in the end I got some red and white crape paper cut into 3 inch strips and stuck them together to maske a streamer s to go across the room and with an old flag and some red white and blue balloons the decorations was complete as I tried then to find a toy knight but no sign all I got then like today no call for that and its rght wing british pig stuff I got here all these years later so why ?there have been many knights of olden days in England from king arther and his knights of the round table a couple of years ago I saw a couple of guys walking down mansford street wearing there red white wigs as thay walked down the street but the day only seems to be cellabrated down in Devonshire and dorset when it should be cellabrated here the knights of olden England are part of our history and should not be forgotton I reamember decinging a short coat red and white and blue in the paul time but when I wore it out I got british white pig and I never wore it again

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