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happy saint georges day 2014

April 22, 2014

since the time when i put the decorations up back in 1986 saint George proved to be controvershall ones as I invited bazz a skin head to the right whom I knew and ted brought up 2 gay skins far to the left and mick but all did not go well and it ended up in a fight between bazz and the two gay ones paul and paul as the difference of opinion over the day was to be cellabrated the 2 pauls said that the day was raseist and bazz said it wasn’t mick whom was from northan Ireland walked out and tomake matters worce the 2 pauls said thay didn’t like mixing with trannys and women in general bazz said he didn’t agree and said as he found out they both had mixed rase partners called them sabortures to the race and that they was going to disstroy it and then war broke out in the end out side I had to fill a bucket of water over them and told ted home you take them I personally belive that England should cellabrate saint georges day and not cow tail to people who don’t agree its part of englands heritage and not only that in toy shops today like then theres no toy knight but yet you can buy toy guns and curved swords in my view its not sending out the right message when its England s history the romance of a knight in shinning armor coming to ones resue but yet theres no torniments only in the south and its like morriss men around the may pole you just don’t see them and one should in other countrys thay cellabrate there saints days and this should be the case here and its about time that English people stood up for them selfs on this after all social coehesion then it applys to our national days pc has to be fair but in this country it is not fair so come on you English men its saint georges day cellabrate it and be proud to be English ,DSCF3138

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