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coming up it will be soon time to look at the last of the decorations from 1986 the black and white cornwall ones and the meeting again with the gentall author to curtcey out of the ending of the blog

April 23, 2014


well soon I will join forces once again for the last time for the ending of the seris of t he look backs at the decorations of 1986 in total there was as you know stain georges day valentines day st patricks day Halloween saint davids day sadly I could never get the staff to film the decs only on one year back in 2003 im trying to find the pics but you wont see me in them as I cant take pics of my self but I Christmas Cornish day as well as Ireland 1916 reamemberance day also looking for the pics from 2003as I thought it would be a a trubrute to all the brave men and woman in Ireland as in 2 years time it will be the 100th anniversary of that sad time so all in all there was eight events on the boudicas calendar which all held a sence of importance as all theses years later still do but sadly over the years the friends I once knew all died off cos thay was all older than I and theres sadly been no reaplacements available men and how could I forget number 9 the last knight of the proms party mind you that was a 2 off from 1987 to 1988 for some unknowm reason it wasn’t poplar oh well but I hope that it will give you all a sence of wanting to decorate your homes and have partys of you own

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