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the start of the closing storys part one of the finall 14 i often get asked why england adopted there saint george instead of edward the confesser from saxon times

April 23, 2014


the only reasonable expernation why England choose saint George was that with a dragon it was more romantic to change but lets not forget Edward the confesser from England back in the 8th to 9th centerys he was the saxon king thelast one before old norman and his gang in vaded our sures back in the 10th centery Edward the confesser died and it burred in Westminster abbey where his reains have layed there and people from all over the world come to pay homage to the king of that time in the 10th centery the abbey was made bigger by a later king and doubled in size there also was closters some now have gone but the bulding is a master piece pof englads history in the city of London Edward the confesser is still worshiped by the royalls ,where saint George was a german knight ,whom it be said slayed the dragon how ever today the only dragons there are now are thous ones that work in the offices ,but thay don’t slay them there just part of office life reamember no dragons was hurt in the pics so until the next time on the closing chapters it will be number 13 so until then

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