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dynnargh well done cornwall kernow in at last beeing reaconised keslowena puth gwrys kernow as this is number 12 of the closing chapters of the blog

April 24, 2014


at last kernow has been reaconised  keslowena as you know the corish language has been in exsistance for many centerys but unfor ally it fell in to disuse in the 1800s evento day cornish is still spoken only y a few corwall has a rich history that’s where tin comes from and them be romans knew this but cornwall is more than corish pastys it has a lot to offer and its flag the black with the white cross on it unforually not known in England lets hope now that we see much more of it and the laugwich more widely spoke n now my Cornish is very limited but I do know the days of the week dydhyow Monday ,meurth Tuesday ,mergher Wednesday dydhyow Thursday .gwener Friday ,sadorn Saturday .dhdyow sunday .and hello is dydh da I wish all the people luck for the futer and mellow kernow so lets see the corish flags flying it seems a long time ago since I did the cornish day party back in 1986 but stillgot all the flags ect coming soon

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