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as the summer comes as once again its time for the reamergence of the black toe nail dynnargh welclome falite croeso

April 25, 2014


DSCF3203as the summer comes as the guys in bethnall green and in the uk show the sock with the toe nail pocking out how 1960s piece man so why not try some think different you sling back guys take the socks off and lets get paintingyou tooties in red whit e and blue and another combination green white and orange with red and blue on the end or if your lucky enough to have the 6 toes then it could be an extra whit e go on get the sling back London look today get your little tooties painted to day then go boy lets see them tooties glow go boys go you know it makes sence and its brings the 1960s look with a modern twist you want to don’t you now come on you guys lets not see the whole in the sock very common you know and its simply not british and just think how goods its going to look with your new sun tan

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