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and now its time to look back at some of the designs before i fially sell the lot of them from 2006 dynnargh falite croeso

April 27, 2014

DSCF3210DSCF3211DSCF3212DSCF3213DSCF3215DSCF3214as you know the story on why I started doing the designs in the first place I suppose I stupidly thought that one of thous pig headed blokes I knew at the time would have the balls to admit they did me wrong and man up to put it right but like in the last ones case back in 2009 he rather go with the local prozzy who had cought what thay call is an s.t.d. I often thought with the men I knew why this was when speaking to others that to get as many stds as you can is like trofees to add to ones cabmiate and that 77persent have them yuk at the time I didn’t know this until I went to an night club back in 2010 mind you seeing the blokes sniffing after the local black pussy nearly turned my stomack and not being able to smoke I went into the ladies saw the posters on the wall about 77persent of the stds and thought I just got to get out of here nothings worse that being looked down on and not being able not to have a cig in there was just too much as I walked out the door more dissalutioned that ever the trouble with London life your under so much pressure to find a partner it gets over welming people see you on your own thay think you have got 3 heads as well as saying oh your the wrong colour but heres some of the designs as for the men im sad to say thay and the exsersize was a total flop thay say men are hunters well in bethnall green eastern London that just aint the case they seem to have no go in them and are as dull as ditch water so here thay are I had to delite some old pics to bring you the m next time I look at the ones from 2009 to the last back in 20012 so until then

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