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and nows its time to look at the lower end of the best boudicas film charts top ten films dynnargh welclome falite croeso

April 30, 2014

so lets look at the rest of the films I like in the charts at number 9DSCF3172 its the film called a matter of life and death made in the war its about a poilot that gets get lost in the pee souper over England starring the great English gent david neven  its starts with heaven and then cuts to the poilot in the stricken plane as its gets ready to crash hes gun operator and the rest of the crue are already dead and he has no paracuite so hes times up as he make a call sos to the control people and as he speaks to ann ammmerican lady at the base called jean and asks her to send his mother his reagards as he knows hes time id up as he look at his sparks bob the plane goes in to a nose driveand there hes on the beach as he wakes up he sees this dog on the beach with this boy playing on the beach as he goes up to the beach he says to the boy is this heaven im glad thay got dogs where does one report the boy says no and he knows he should of died as then he sees this waf girl riding along the beach as he runs to catch her up he realizes that it was the girl whom he spoke to on the wireless in the plane any way thay fall in love and then conductor 71 played by the great marcus goring is sent back to earth to try and find him to take him back as hes on borrowed time and thay have a court hearing its a great film ad ive only see the beginning and a lot of the end but watch it the same people also made with david niven the dairy of curnall blimp thay don’t make that anymore at number 10 its the great film ghost busters staring dan akeroyed from 1985 they are very funny about a team of ghost hunters in the great u.s.a. that just when they thought there firm was going to the wall also became poplar again as thay chase theses ghosts and catch them they made a secquall one of the fiml in 1988

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