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and this is the baile atha cliath dublin shorts from 2011

May 1, 2014

DSCF3259DSCF3260DSCF3258and as you can see in the last of the seris the last of the paterend coats was the orange one with the white geese around the bottom I desined it when I used to help feed the 5 geeze all that time ago I tell you thay knew when one was coming up the old lane and used to call to one another for there food but then it was time to just make the coats plain in red purple and pink as the last one was made it was time for me to hang up my pencils and all the patterns went to the bin along with the dream the most conservershall one was the pink and blue with paul and keith the 2 pigs I knew from the 1960s when the book started it took the longest to do from 2010 but as you know the locals hated it here so after I wore it a few times to advertise the book its gone to the back of the cupboard and hasn’t seen the light of day since and proberly never will again as I start to clear what I don’t want away as ive been getting rid of some more things to the local charty shop as its time shortly to mooove on but before the blog dies I will go to ipwich and Waltham abbey the return and do the Cornish decorations as well as the saint davids ones plus the trubrute to 1916 that’s if I can delete a few more old pics of the media library I think writing the blog has been so hard its like re living them times again but I hope if nothing else that no one else will be as too daft to see it when really the blokes I knew was really taken the pee and just getting as much as thay could money wize don’t let any one think like I did that being lonely was an excuse to let any one take you for a total fool as for being poplar in bethnall green well the short anwer to that is not but I didn’t write the blog to be poplar I wrote it one cos I was asked to so that others would learn from my mistakes and two not let them think thay won iuts often been said here that I don’t give a flying f..k what thay think no I don’t that did wrong as I told thenm at the time that everythink that the men does to hurt me then one day I would get them back for it as thay say reavenge is best served cold it will make them think about doing it to anyone else well its back to doing my last filming with the 2 men from Ireland as I once again relive the events and decorations of 1986 all 9 of them they have done 3 so far 6 to go the last being the decorations of mysterys ill let you know when thay fineshed it as time is running out just going back to when I did the Dublin shorts I could not get them to do it in the irish trainslation I demanded and it nearly coused a strike as I said she who pays calls the tune but it was said it might upset the locals on my reaplie was balls to the locals its dublins name in Ireland but thay was made and it was too late to change it you just cant get the staff then

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