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and now its time to look at the final closing chapters of the blog no 1 of 43 dynnargh welclome falite croeso

May 2, 2014


so I cant believe that it the final stages of the story I must admit id never in tended to do any more than the 12 storys at the time I just wanted to get the story done as quick as possible but it was never in tended to be a perminant blog ,and to introduce the other laungwiges of the united kingdom and not forgetting Ireland ive allways been a great beliver in making people aware that our home laugwiges are more important and that we should learn them in my time doing the blog I was suppriced that in bethnall green that on my hunt for things that they never knew about the Cornish and such egerance on the place so at least ive given them a education and congratulation to cornwall for at long last getting reconised I wonder when the English will get minority status to my knowleage theres not another blog that incorporates the other languages of the united king dom saying that the gentall author has dabbled in doing the irish translation after all it wat makes the uk what it is and it should be put first and less cowtailing to the other we should look after our neighbours like Ireland  cornwall and wales more ,

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