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as annother bank holiday approches may day has england forgotten thats its suppose to be a time of morriss men danceing around a may pole ?dynnargh welclome falite croeso the closing finall chapters number 42 beidh se lontach gear cabidis

May 3, 2014

it really annoys me and yet also saddens me that in most  of England that the old traditionall custums have vanished its like that they have got a piece of paper with our customs on and set fire to it you would of thought in London hullo capitall city that there would of been an event some where where these morriss men guys could do there dance with the bells on there legs as thay dance around the may pole to the music as they go the last time I saw these guys was back in 209 when one went to isling ton county and there be on saint albans green just by Essex road ,I think that this is one of disappointing think about English men that thay don’t make an effort to keep these tradiditions alive before thay die out like so many of then in the past now uys lets see some English things for a change after all if you have pc then it applies to every one and its preserving englands past it only seems in the far south of the country that thay there will cellabrate the day as thay seem more patriotic than in the rest of the country get them bells out jinnar ling a ling you guys so what ever you do this bank holiday have a good one

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