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the closing chapters number 41 beidh se lontachgear cabidis duw genes grasyars due reyars as i look at the ongoing proplems with didgiacal tv

May 4, 2014


they said when it first came out that digical colour was unlike the old 625 lines tv sets was supposed to be fault free clearer pics and free from ampmus phire I wish the things pics are allways breaking down the pics get no signall orthere out of focus and the pic on the free view channels start getting bits missing out of them or other channels sound coming in over the top I must admiti dot like clour sets and I prefer good old blackand white colour sets makes me contally rub my eyes after 30mins of watching the set and when thay show the old tv programmes why don’t thay streach the pic to fit the wide screen its like looking through atunnel and not only that if theres a foot ball gae on its still allways on the main channels now come on you guys so I desised to go back perinantley to black and white tv mono chrome is best and not only that I miss getting up and switching over the channels and do you know ive put 3inches on my waist by using the remote control so black and white cheeper on electric better for your waist line gives you excersise.the times the council has been out to rectfie the problems as the sets go out of pics thay say its a fault I thought digicall was suppose to be fault free ah ah

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