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the closing chapters no 39 beidh se lontach gear cabidii duw genes gras yars due reyards so why have i told the councill i want to be trasfered to go miles away as here dont work

May 5, 2014


it could be called giving up and walking away but the cold hard facts of the matter is it just don’t work here and its not just of the useless sad excuse of the men I once knew or the fact that p.t.o. r still bratentey walks by with that harlet whom dresses like a bloke and parades the old slag out side my window as get get sorly temped to smack the slag one on the hooter nose when he could easily walk around the other way or thses blokes in general who have this cant be bothered attuted where thay seem to think its only her she don’t matter but it does really matter .or just the general situation here .which I have come to resent for me ive explored every avenue and its just don’t work if your not the write colour and it really pisses me off seeing theses guys with these black pussy the trouble is theres not enough men to go around and if im not carefull the years will pass and I will die of frustration and boredom talk about being board to death nearly and too be honest its just put me off English men ,I was watching a programme on the tv about 6 monthes ago where Westminster council had gone into this dead  persons flat to find some one who would one attend there fuinerall and that looked through there personal effects and wonderd about who there wasa and why they had no body no boyfriend or lover not married and a flat full of there once life and to be bluntly honest with the dire situation here in a few years that could be me with no one to moarn or be there at the grave side to morn my passing only to bechucked on the rubbish tip of life so that why I thought heres no good and im just not getting anywhere with these guys in any way shape or form so I had to face the facts of the situation here as I get told oh he knows where you live so wat don’t make him get off his fat ass and do anything about it I guss he like one other just anit got the balls all I can say is grow some instead of being a jessy as onther bank holidays here and like all the others in the past its on the lonesome how bloody boring in the villagey town or useless men I use the terminolligy loosely I tried every think ive just ran out of idears here

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