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the closing chapters no 40 beidh selintach gear cabidis duw genes grasyars due reyarsas its time to look at pc and disscrimination is white all right ?

May 5, 2014

we have pc but it is fare ?well theres allways been a cencerse of oppininon reagarding this about why theres no think about being discriminated about being white ?it seems that one can be called british white pig or if you go in to a local shop not all here you get I must spray around its the air fresherner its the white so why is this ?after all if you would dare say the reamark back then it would be considerd receist now woulnt it ?its about time that the law took this matter into effect and also the tranny s get a hard time and unjustly so so what else well ive been testing out theses so called internet chat lines its supprising that in beagle green that thay all want black goddess oh please get the sick bucket we all like a man and one that would do as he was told would be great but the biggest think about these guys that get on these lines that show them with there wifes or girl friends and some in ladys clothes tv which I don’t have a problem with that what ever floats your boat but yet thay say exspesally the suited city sikers oh when I test them out oh trannys and gays too freeky for me thay say but as I say to the bi sexuall ones I would of thought that would be right up your steet I suppose sexuality has allways had grey areas and if you think about it with men I use the term loosely to try and fathom one out its nin on impossible thay should come with an intrution book and a garrenty and a log book and the think ive notised with thses types of men is that no respecting woman would wear so much lippy its like a exspoion in a paint factory I suppose if you look at it lodically that disscrimation is a sad way of life ,as for our village of bangla green it needs a kick up the ass and the sad blokes with it .

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