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the ending chapters number 35 beidh se lontach gear cabidii duw genes grasyars due reyars as i look back at some of the appliances i knew

May 10, 2014


I started collecting electric appliances in the Braintree years and over the years there have been many from washing machines to cookers as my hunt went on for the tricity 643 and of cource they was allways disscustinley filthy dirty and after I had them in bits the hardest part was cleaning them with the old brillo pads and elbow grease ,some hadn’t been used for years as I brought them back to life and unfortually you very rarely get an instruction book with them .and they are so big and bulky .and after promises of people whom said oh that’s worth a lot of money would take it and ill pay you later or ill find you a tricity for it ,as I look back at some of the more un unusall ones when I first came to London 20years ago now I used to get them from new life electricks but that closed its doors not long after as well as lord shit cookers from 1995 to 2008 in the keith years it was very rare I ever found any here ,that pauls brother Darren said they found one but it never material lised  tyipall I reamember a man from gluostershire whom got given gassy cookers used to get given them in one of the tablosed he was I never was that lucky so heres just a few of them

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