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the closing chapters its time for number 34 beidh se lontach gear cabidii.duw genes gras yars due reyars as i reaturn to 1988 and men and there so called best friend

May 11, 2014

its allways  fashioned me about men and the piece of equipment thay call there best friend and for one thing which at that time had nop many names and apparently many sizes ,I think the most funny inserdent of this was when I was in hylands park to go to the mansion house near Chelmsford ,when as one walked up the long path there s this public toilets there a public toilet you may well ask any way this bloke went by and went in as I sat on the wall the window was opened the wall was about 9inches out side it was a warmish day so I sat as I heard him say in a loud voice hullo my beauty as he said lets daddy see you as he made some grunting noices and a few mins later came out all red in the face I don’t think he realized that the window was opened and I was there as he pulled his zip up and with a wet patch on this beige trousers how I hate beige troucers he went on his way ,but men seem to have lots of names for one think I reamember when I met that day peter from Watford who was in Braintree back in 1984,that he kept reafuring it as a knob and keith called his a ram rod ,and the boys when thay said in the Braintree years a knight stick or a wiily of a dick or cock that has been bounded about over the years or bazz and now what was it oh yes pink sauceagey fink ,and allan with 12inches of pleasure so he said he was the one that had ladies knickers on his wall as he said its my troufee cabinate of whom he had and where men I ask you but the strange st thing is I reamember going to a steam rally and the toilets for the men was in a corner of a field with just like a wind break to cover there privates on parade as they say you could see the guys heads as thay stood there with out a care so  there and I noticed that as they stand there they sort of look over to see what the othere guys got and they seem to do this strange like dance as they seem to jump up and down and come out and shake there leg strange later on I got chatted up so I reamember this guy whom I cought looking at the others ones doings and I said you woulnt be interested in me as aren’t you gay he said I aint like that why so I said but I saw thee looking at that guys chopper ,is that what you call it he said us guys allways do that to compare sizes he said .oh I see so why did you look missrable afterwards so he said my Hubert gruff is only 5inches he said and his 6and a half would better pass the test and he called his bowled in and out for the madain so I said well that’s a mouthful to say so he said well at leasthe spat it out really I said as he said got to go on me way wife and kids so I said aint they all as he left I said just out of interest aint small ones supposed to be more juicy he laughed and then was gone and it was time for me to go on my way  men

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