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the closing chapters its number 33 as once again its the reaturn of the film boys and the leagond the leyton e10 wapper of old leyton town beidh selontach gear cabidii duw genes grasyars due reyars

May 12, 2014


its quite a busy day with first of all the leyton wapper returned to our shores from his kingdom of leyton with the boys as you know the leyton wapper is a leagend in his own right one of thous supper men that you read in thee old story books as him self and his boys took away some more scrap which I put out for them as you know ive known the leyton wapper nearly 15 years now and he still has that roageish charm and youth full looks and hes as strong as an ox and like the brummy guys is allways a supprice when I see thses hunk of manley ness flexing there manley ness when they can pick up a stove like it was a piece of paper with no effort at all .then it was the return of the fimling boys ,how sexy thay look as I was capivated by there stunning look and that sexy accent wow theres nothing quite like it and with all the men I record mentally everythink thay say and over the times thay have been here I get to know there little expressions and mannerisums  aswe did the return of saint patricks day .

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