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the history of englands and irelands coinish system from 1760 to 2014 dynnargh croeso falite welcome on the closing chapters part 32

May 14, 2014

with the reign of George the 3rd came the second great reform in the period of England coininsh various factors came in to  play due to the events at the time ie the Napoleonic wars and the war of inderpendence in the land of the great the united states of America the introduction of copper coins and the royal mint had a new lick of paint as well as a compleat overhaul and had steam powerd machineary made by boulton and watt all played there part in affecting English coins so tiss be said that at that time England was running out of coins to coin a frace and the spainish eight reale coins there common name was dollors had georges head on them in an oval introduction using hall mark silver it was a process from the stamps and in fact the first jingle was born now lets see how it went ?oh yes the bank of England to make its dollors pass stamped the head of a fool on the neck of an ass ,there words not mine the countermarked coins were put into circulation at 4[9 d since there was severall Spanish dollors at the time on the bullion market but like everythink elese a lot of forgerys appered  with a bigger head of George the 3rd on them the head was also used on the grout and the 4penny coin then banks them selfs had bank tokens and the coins in general mad a make over by the term of restamping them in 1728 matthew boulton had campaned for the introduction of the copper coins he was a brummy  and with ih besy mate james watt they made the coins other coins at the time was the spade guinea the half the 3rd and the qualter guinea the sovereign,.and of course the Maundy money was made them you know the queen gives it out on Maundy Thursday  each year to worthy people .then in 1820 in the time of gearge the 4th the 2pound coin was struck in 1823 pistruccis st George was put on the back of the coin also a gold version came in of the 2pounder and the gold shilling asd well as the traditionall type of the coin ,in the time of William the 6th there was not much going on there was no new crowns being struck in 1830 to 1837then in 1837 to 1901 came queen Victoria reign and with the accession of this came many variations of the coins then came in the gothic crown and the jubilee bust of the queen was on it but the coin that was allways getting it in the neck was the crown with the crown jewles on ity and it can be seen in the tower of London the gothic crown coin was the most popular coin ever and it was well licked by every one ,and also the florin and the thje double florin and the 5 pound coin the 4 shilling coin as well ,and the time of Edward the 6th in 1901 there weren’t mant coins made then in 1910 in George the 5th came in the reduction of the silver content of the coins the crown had gone of of general use cos tis be said it was an unlucky coin and in 1911 when the new coin versions came in the crown didn’t make it in the selection but it was brought back in 1925 with a compleat face lift but only a small amount was made,then came in the tanner the 6d and the 3d coin came in the brassey one with the different sides then in 1936 the tiome of Edward the 8th the 12 sided 3d came in with the mans head on it then in 1936 in the time of king George the 5th the coration crown and festerval crown came in and the proof 2 pound coins came in .

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