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and now its time for number 31 of the finall inpending death to the blog death to the blog beidh se lontach gear cabidii duw genes grasyars duw reyars as i look back at the dissasters regarding the men that i came unfortually in contact with over the years and it was the same old story thay all didnt give me a chance and all went off with some one elese

May 16, 2014


well ive tried it all over the years as I take a tearfull look back over the sad excuses of the so called men I once knew from 1965 it seems that the situation with the men was to follow me into adult hood from that fatefull day with farmer paul back in 1968 and subberquencely it would follow like a continuios reapeat preformace time and time again ,in the early days we moved about quite a lot and it was an escape for the disappointing situation that unfortually I found my self in but here like in Braintree I found if I stayed in a place too long it would be a haunting reaminder of the disappointment as I see like that paul flounting his old slapper in frount of the window with out a care about how I felt as I got more and more furious about how its like it dosent matter it only me type of thing .but over the time I tried it all the meet and greet in the street the internet dating sites as I stupidly thought oh at least a friend ship may prevail but it was the same old story men taking the piss I suppose if you think about it logically a man that would do as hes told was really a tall order ,but the one think about these lines what extreams that theses type of guys said thaty was into which at the time I must admit sounded like a load of old tosh and these so called dogging sites thay reacon thay go too as I thougt well I ll belive yer thousands woulnt,and the sickest joke of all is when I said well meet thay would say why thay didn’t oh I found some one else and coulnt understand or didn’t want too why I told them off on the fone about there behavior and there pics saying whom thay supposedily was a lot of had them with there girl friends or boyfriends and wifes after stating they was single ,and then there was the so called chat lines all I got was high telefonee bills and its strange how the same voice with the same programme in the back ground playing when thay sore thay was some one else but I tesesd them out by saying to 5o at one time to meet me at Liverpool street at 2pm on a sunday afternoon back in 2004 now you would of expected one to turn up now woulnt you ?got that wrong not one did so I thought id ring them only to find it went to answer fone how convenient im sure that these type of lines must work for some one but not for thee and not only that I went on the first one back in 1985 as I said about phillip that used to ring up some times 12times in a night but when I went on them in reason times he was still on there saying the same things as in all thous years before .so as that chapters finally dead I woulnt entertain any think like that type of guy again a guy that would do as he was told come on in a womans own book maybe

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