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the finall ending chapters number 32 continued part 3 of the english history of the coinage system from the 1500s dynnargh welclome falite croeso

May 16, 2014

and now its time to look at the more modern coins from 1952 to the preasant day in our preasant queen elizabeths 2nd the old coins pre decimall which some I reamember from the 1967 to 1971 were the cornation grown which I don’t reamember the the Winston churchall one from 1965 then there was the florin and the 6d and the big penny and the half penny the bronce 3d bit the farthing a bit like the penny we had to day the 2 bob bit and the half crown .as well as the notes ;like the red 10 shilling one and even thou I never saw one the white fiver and the blue fiver and the green pound note thay was worth 240 pence or 20 shillings but then in 1968 came what my uncle called the willson coin as he said it had many sides the 50pbit the other countrys that had our coins was austrailier Ireland just to name a few but then we stupidily went to the decimall system in february 1971 I reamember the stuipid half penny and the coins was out of sink the 2p like it is today is bigger than the 10p and that stuip l;ittle 5p wat a load of crap why didn’t they leave it the old shilling size ?the stuip things im allways dropping them and there difficult to pick up I liked the old 3d coin it was the right size and looked good .as you know todays coins are the penny the 2p the silly 5p and the 20p and the 50p and the 10p and the pound and 2 pound coins im suppriced that they haven’t brought out a 25p yet the crown is still made but only for collectors theses days like the golden soverine and the guinny well that its of the history of the coins only to say Ireland changed to the punt and then the euro the other countrys in 1971 went to the dollor but wonder what happened to the 140 pence that we had on the old system ? when now the pound is only worth 100p ?

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