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and nows its time for the top 30 as as the rundown of the end continues dynnargh croeso falite welclome as its time to look back at the partys of 1986 and the party of mysterys which at the time was number 9 in the decoration s that was put up at plains field in the braintree years so lets go to 1986

May 17, 2014


as the rea hursalls starts as I bring back the party of mysterys from 1986 ,and this year 5 men should once again see the decorations as thay lay in there box undisturbed for over 32 years thay came about purely by accident and the main purpose of the m was to bring the men I knew a bit of happiness as thay came through the door at then plainfield in Braintree ,of all of them they took the longest to sorce to get the things to come to gether from six monthes earlier in November 1985 and unlike to day lighting the decorations was difficult to say the least even thou Christmas lights was really the only ones available back then and not suitable for the purpose and its taken all theses years to find lights that are as I breath a bit of the 21st centery into the decorations I cant wait to see the boys faces coming soon lets hope that thay still can weave the mystery and magic that they did all thous years a go? ill take some pics just to see if thay do

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