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and now its time for number 29 of the closing chapters of the blog dynnargh welclome falite croeso and draw the pictures

May 18, 2014

over the years i have drawn many pics usally on empty cig packets or on old evenvelopes as I doodell what at the time what either I see or whats on my mind at the time but over the years the asid in most paper products started to deteriate the pics and its suppressing how much room thay take up as I look back at the many ive redrawn for the blog from the now what do thay call them oh yes men I knew from paul and keith the 2 pigs I used to look after all that time a go as I wonder now what to do with them all ?as I think well shall I put them out for reacyceling or burn them ?ill give it thought as I slowly clear my desk as thay say as the the

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