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the closing chapters its number 28 dynnargh welclome falite croeso and its the last meeting with the gentall aurthor and the cornish decorations from 1986

May 19, 2014


well its the time to say a good bye to spittle fields life as I and the gentall aurthor do the last of the filming to bring you the decorations of 1986 the black and white Cornish ones as you know there was 9 different decorations from that time and each of them coused supprise to the people I once knew as thay walked through the door ,some was more confertationall than othere s like the saint georges ones and the easter rising 1916 .and the Cornish ones I suppose was an education to my vistitors .like every think else there would allways be a difference of opinion but ive allways stood by my wat I believe in and how like with cornwall and Ireland its only fair I hope that at my time doing my filming either with spittle fields life or on my own blog that it had given you an insite in to the type of person I am and leartn from my mistakes ,after all I woulnt want any one else to put up with what I had too but on wards and upwards as thay say so for me its a period of endings I suppose like the blog and nearly had its time and life mooves on .in the next last chapters you will see the decorations that wasn’t filmed in reason years like Ireland 1916 saint davids day .and the decorations of mysterys from 1986 .and whys theres no punctuation soon to be shown like when I put it on the computer would say this page cannot be displayed or cannot connect to broad band was just two of the things that would happen ,

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