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its number 26 of the closing chapters as i pay a trubrute to all thous soldiers that from the first and second world wars may thay all rest in piece and never be forgotton

May 22, 2014


no one can ever ammagine what thous poor soldiers went through in the trenches nearly 100 years ago now as its such a long time ago and the hardships thay had to go through being away from there familys and loved ones and that with out there bravery and the hard ship for there loved ones at home so the rashioning ect the world would be a different place as it it today ,and they should be never forgotten and it annoys me that in England that our history seems to be brushed under the carpet it seems strange that you can see toy swords and guns but yet no toy knights of boats or even an action menits a good job that I kept the stuff from the 1986 or I woulnt be able to recreate the events of the past but it does annoy me when the sling back wearers disrespect our dead what thay want to reamember is that thay woulnt have as many benefits if the nazys had in vaded here and the world would be not as it is so heres this story for all our wars dead rest in piece

coming up the trubrute to the 1916 easter rising it will be 100 years in 2016 next time so until then

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