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and now its time for number 25 of the closing chapters and a tribrute to the easter rising which happened back in 1916 dynnargh falite as in 2016 it will be 100 years since that day in sackville street in dublin

May 23, 2014


the other day I reput the decorations up once again from 1986 as like the other events from that year but sadly thay had layed in there box and I be supprised how much dust had creeped in and with a couple of new additions to the collection a couple of statues by this great sculpter barry how makes them in Ireland today I must say his work in bronze is outstanding anyway the other statue is of james Connolly ,so after a few days of putting the decorations up dan and his super fit mate Charlie returned to film them .so if you don’t know the story how the easter rising happened here it is, it all started on easter Monday back in 1916 when padraig pearce  together with james connoly at his side declared that the irish republic and read out the proclamationout side the generall post office annousing the fact in what then be Sackville street now called o Connell street that the new republic would garrenty religious rights to every one as well as eequal rights and oppertunitys to every body and stated that the happinesss of all it citazens and children ,a few years eailer back in 1898 a past reabellion had awoken a sence of national pride and consciousness in Ireland the g.a,a, the gaelic athletic association ans with the gaelic leaque with well known poets and other famous people at the time ,whom had promoted a culterall renaissance in irish nationalism the irish parlimentery party had started to come to gether under its leader john Redmond at the time there was a lot of damage in the part y that was inflicted by deep divissions over the going of parnell alienated the most pollicitally idealistic of the nationalists at the time sinn fenn ,ourselves alone .thay at the time was a small determind nationalist group of men whos leader was arther Griffiths which filled the publics popular imagination becase of his succesfull propaganda and debating skills it was at the time an alternative political party to the parliamentary party which was non violent and liked the crown of England and as it did not want to break from the crown it was to be the pollictial impetus of the secret military society the irish republican brother hood formed back in 1858 and was the main driving force in the easter rising of 1916 and 3 years earlier back in 1913 the northam unionists led by the knights of Ireland one was sir Edward carson with his fellow knight sir james craig whom made the ulster volunteer force to resist with weppons arms ,end of part one,

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