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the 1916 trubrute story of the easter rising part 2 of the ending chapter number 25 falite

May 24, 2014


a lot of the arms at the time was brought from Germany any establishment of home rule in Ireland by the English parliament  then on November 25 th 1913 the irish vollenteers was formed under the leadership of professor mac neil himself an northaner and co founder of the gaelic league ,it came about to defend the rights of thous in favor of home rule however it that some of the irish republican brother hood went and infilitrated it too with there own agenda by forse of arms at the time .when the great war the first one started back in 1914 on august 4th of that year the irish volunteers was 180,0000 approx. but sadly they didn’t have much weppons at there dissposeall mr Redmond who was at the time was leaderof the political party  in the English parliament turned around and said that the volunteers would defend Ireland so that the English army could then attend to the crises in Germany how ever in the September of 1914 he thought long and hard then desided to put him self and the irish volunteers to go with the English over to see the germans how ever this couced a row with the volunteers and they some of them split up and left the group but on the whole a lot stayed with Redmond and had a slight name change to the volunteers while the rest of them under o neil if memery serves me I think while reading about it in a old book around 11,000  but don’t quote me on that they contined to declare that there belifes was still the same as before and if any thing thay was more determined than ever even thou at the time England was having difficultys it ment that the English wont couse any proplems in giving the vounteers a hard time like ie trying to suppress them ,then the brother hood formed a council a military one it was made of 7 members of which it had signatures of the members tht formed it to the p[roclamation of the irish republic and the guys of the irish citazens army this being a lock out in 1913 and commited to an irish socialist republic was becoming more militant and wanted more power and action ,bfore it was too late ,the military council held great sway and at the time held important positions in the volunteers  especially patraig  pearse who was the director of the orgination ordered manoueres on easter sunday 1916a german ship at the time full of arms didn’t get to meet with an I,r, the south coaston the 20yh of aprill and then the English war ships saw it and then it was made to be scuttled by its captain the shipment was ordered by sir roger casement who went to Kerry on a submarine  how ever he was captured by the English and was made go to London ,end of part 2

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