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the finall part of the trubrute to 1916 the easter rising story of the finall closing chapters number 25 falite

May 24, 2014


on the same day o neil found out that the ship ment was just a smoke screen for the rebellion  after he was informed by pearse  mac donagh  and mc diamanda that it was to late to cancel and that the german arms was on there way and coulnt be stopped but when he heard later on may 22nd that the ship bearing the arms had been scuttled and that roger casement had been taken to London England he placed adverts in the local papers countermanding the mobilastion for easter sunday then the military council decided tochange the time and day to easter Monday instead the 24th april in the year 1916,at 12 midday pearse read out the proclamation in what then was sack ville street in Dublin only 1.300voulenteers and 210 approx. turned up from the citizen army ,how ever there was the crown forces of approx. 12,000 in Dublin and the English forces at the time was a little complexed with seeing the irish forces at the time .the easter rising lasted one week and sadly there was a lot of deaths over 450 and lots of people wounded and on Wednesday 3rd of may Padraig perse  tomas mac dough and Thomas clark e were cortmarialled and shot on thursday the 4th of may joseph plunkett Edward dail William pearse and micheal o hanrahan was executed on may 5th john mac bride and on the Monday 8th may eamonn cent Cornelius Colbert sean heuston and micheal mallin and on may the 9th Thomas kent turn / on may 12th sean mac diamanda and james Connolly who was badly wonded was tied to a chairs and shot  and finally sir roger casement was hung by the neck in London and  so as the blog wont be around in 2016 I thought it only rite to tell the story about theses brave guys and reamember them and that why back in 1986 I put the decorations up all thous years ago now

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